FM Journal—the compendium of architectural fictions, judgments and opinions—is a forum for freshness in architecture. 

FM is an independent journal published by students of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was founded in 2008, and is produced by students with support of UIC faculty and staff. FM publishes content that both reflects and challenges UIC’s pedagogical agenda and is a response to the architecture discipline. FM orchestrates an open dialogue between students and faculty, as well as between the school and the discipline at large.


Henry Prendergast
Isabelle Reford

Jamie Evelyn Goldsborough

Associate Editors
Jimmy Carter
Jasen Domanico
Jamie Evelyn Goldsborough
Andrew Jennings
Nick Mattia
Jacob Patnode
Nidhi Sharma
William Stauffer
Juan Andres Suarez
Julia Turner


Special Thanks To
Bob Somol, Lauren Van Damme, Stephanie Niebuhr, David Brown, Meghan Funk, Tyler Lausch, Andrew Zago, Francesco Marullo, Julia Di Castri Sarah Rozman, Paul Mosley, Andrew Jennings, Spencer McNeil, Jesus Aguilar.